Crystal is family of methods designed for projects ranging from those run by small teams developing low-criticality systems (Crystal Clear) to those run by large teams building high-criticality systems (Crystal Magenta).  Crystal Clear is aimed at small projects with core team size of one to six people.  For large scale projects and high criticality systems, Crystal Magenta is suggested.

The Crystal methodologies embrace and promote many other agile principles as well, including:

  1. Frequent Delivery of build increments.
  2. Reflective environment where periodic ways of continuous improvement methods are adopted
  3. Team members are collocated to allow them efficiently share the information
  4. Personal Safety :  Emphasizes the need to create an environment where people can safely raise issues or questions
  5. Focus: This means team members know what to work on and have the time and peace of mind to work on it.
  6. Easy Access to expert users: Through such access, the team can get up-to-date requirements and rapid feedback.
  7. Technical environment:  Crystal methods rely on automated tests, configuration management and frequent integration.

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