Context: We all know that scrum scales by having multiple scrum teams rather than having one large team.  In practice, it may so happen that each team is so focussed on what it is considered its own goals and there is possibility that the team may miss “Whole-Team’s” shared goal. This is where, Scrum of Scrum helps coordinate the work among scrum teams so that all involved scrum teams work towards shared goal through resolving their mutual dependencies and integrate their work effectively keeping the shared goal in mind.

Scrum of Scrum – The Purpose:  Scrum of scrum meetings help improve coordination among cluster of scrum teams working for a shared goal. These meetings will allow scrum teams to discuss their dependencies, discuss any overlap among their work increments focusing especially on areas of overlap and integration.

scrum of scrum


Problem Solving is the key: Unlike daily stand up meetings, Scrum of Scrum meetings are problem solving meetings. Thus, it is recommended to block 30 to 60 minutes for this this meeting on the calendar. If an issue is brought to the attention of this group, issues to be addressed with the people present. Incase, the issue cannot be addressed immediately (either because right participants are not present or more information is needed), it is placed in issue backlog for scrum of scrum group. Kindly understand that large number of scrum team members will be waiting for the resolution of issues present in the issue backlog. Thus, scrum teams collaboratively will work towards resolution.

Attendees for this meeting: Each scrum team will designate one or two persons to attend a scrum of scrum meeting. It is recommended to designate one technical contributor and one scrum master. The team will choose their representative based on who will understand and comments raised in Group Issue log. Thus, team can rotate their representatives to the scrum of scrum meetings

Frequency: Team chooses the frequency for scrum of Scrum. It can range daily once to twice a week. To start with, I recommend having these meetings thrice a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) or twice a week (Tuesday-Thursday).

Duration for the meeting: 30 to 60 Minutes

Agenda for this meeting:

First Fifteen Minutes – Each Participant answers below 5 questions:

  1. What has your team done since we last met?
  2. What will your team do before we meet again?
  3. Impediments faced by your team currently and who can help you resolve these?
  4. Are you about to put impediments in another team’s way so that other teams are prepared?
  5. Status Update on the actions owned by your team from the last Scrum of Scrum meeting?

Rest 45 Minutes: Resolve Problems and discuss items on an issue backlog

Note: Actions are assigned only to the respective teams not to the individuals in the group’s issue backlog.


  • Team names to be referred in the meetings instead of individual names.
  • Backlog of issues to be maintained and the same needs to be current after every Scrum of Scrum Meeting.
  • Scrum of scrum meetings can scale even further where each scrum of scrum meetings can nominate one to two individuals to scrum of scrum of scrum meetings at the global level.

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